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Live odds' are the odds given by a bookmaker on an outcome available for wagers during a game, as opposed to before it. The term is also applied loosely to any odds betting that is not fixed - that is, where the odds on the bet posted can fluctuate during the period that the bet is 'live'. One of the most widely bet-on sports in the US is the National Football League (NFL). NFL is one of the most thrilling sporting events on the calendar for sports bettors in the US, meaning that sportsbooks will offer some of the best sports betting bonuses for this sport in particular. Ohio NFL fans can bet on their home teams, the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals, pretty easily with some fantastic odds and some great NFL based welcome bonuses for new customers. You will also get Bonus Bets on a continual basis at the best sportsbooks. Some form of qualifying bet is typically required. For example, a sportsbook might offer you a $10 Bonus Bet if you look at this wager $20 on a same-game parlay with 3+ legs.