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Think twice before you put money on Trustwallet. A couple of days ago bitcoin casino io bonus they had hacked my account on TwT and had tooken 525 dollar from my wallet. I showed TwT the screenshots that one address had taken it from my wallet. Twt sended me a dry reaction that they are not responsible for the lost money. As you can see on Youtube there are a lot of clips they tell how to hack a trustwallet from somebody else. TwT ignores it because they think that there wallet is perfect secured, but not!!! In this post, we describe how Cronos users can connect to your Dapp with either of these 3 crypto wallets. We share a repository that you can examine to better understand how the various connection methods work, and share some tips on what you need to do when your code is ready. The main advantage that has over Trust Wallet is that it offers a native coin, and you can actually buy crypto. Whereas with Trust Wallet, maybe you can get to the problem of not buying crypto.