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The team from share the stats you need to know about each social network in this infographic. Customers’ desire for genuine interaction is a huge site driver of social media marketing’s popularity. Before social media, customers felt distant and detached from brands. Social media lets brands and businesses connect directly with customers, giving them a more human touch. Companies can participate in social media trends, chat with customers, and share their human side. Social media tools are used for streamlining social media activities across multiple social media sites. It is also beneficial for those who manage multiple accounts on the same platform. Social media tools are efficient and great time savers. Turn key marketing solutionWe needed a digital marketing agency that could help us on several different marketing areas. Social Media 55 was brought in to work on social media, SEO, video production, Google AdWords, graphic, design and more for all 5 locations. We immediately saw more traffic to our stores and it has been steadily growing ever since we started. We are plea... read full review