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Outsourcing social marketing to agency experts is often the best choice—but finding the right solution can be challenging. The best social media agencies save you time, improve your return on investment, and are affordable, with high ratings and real-world results to back up their claims. After evaluating dozens of contenders, we narrowed our top picks so you can find the best social media marketing agency for your small business. We’ve shown you the six best social media companies for small businesses, each of them offering services suitable for different types of industries or areas of marketing. For instance, Blu Mint Digital is best for local businesses, The Content Factory is the top choice for nonprofits, and Promodo is the number one straight from the source agency overall. Being able to post 20 times a month to Facebook and Instagram makes Social High Rise the best social media marketing agency for small businesses looking to leverage those platforms. It's also a great option for any company looking to bundle other services alongside social media, such as reputation management on Yelp, Google, Tripadvisor, and Facebook.