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wikiHow Tech Help Pro: As Tinder is the simplest dating app where you need to have an attractive profile picture and the most creative Tinder bio at hand. Tinder bios matter a lot, especially for the male community. According to a survey, over 130,000 males on Tinder never read the women's profiles. A lot of them said that they swiped all of the options to see who will match with them. Even when you don8217;t create a crazy Kermit photo, meet new people for teens you can still often write a bio that connects to your photos somehow. Tinder is perfect for beginners due to its friendly interface and easy-to-use features. A good Tinder bio is an excellent opportunity to show off your personality and prove you are an interesting person worth spending time with. You don’t need to write about yourself in detail. One or two catchy phrases are enough to grab attention and drive curiosity. Your major tasks are to show that you are one in a million and clearly state your intentions.