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Take your family game night to the next level by giving Jenga a dose of sight word power. Simply write sight words or vocabulary words on each block in a Jenga set. Then, take turns removing the blocks one by one, reading the word written on the block you grab out loud, and stacking them back on the top of the tower. The game is over when the tower collapses! To get more tips and tricks for Sight Word Jenga, check out the expert teacher advice at The First Grade Diaries. WordGirl Interactive Comic Book Activity Yes, you need to write down a list of words with jumbled letters for your kid. You need to teach your child how to find the correct word out of it by arranging the letters to form a meaningful word. You can get your kid interested by starting with words of a few letters, giving them an idea of how to figure it out. Later they will ask you to go for more complex words. list of odi matches played by india This simple word game will get your child really thinking.