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PongFit promotes fitness of body, mind, and community through ping pong - the world's 2 sport! TV When the game is reset we will just bring the ball back to the center. In the 1930s, Edgar Snow commented in Red Star Over China that the Communist forces in the Chinese Civil War had a "passion for the English game of table tennis" which he found "bizarre". On the other hand, the popularity of the sport waned in the 1930s Soviet Union, partly because of the promotion of team and military sports, hairdresser games and partly because of a theory that the game had adverse health effects. Previous postiSpy Wedding Hunt We’ve summarized the essential ping pong rules from USA Table Tennis right here to help you settle those garage or office disputes. This list is not exhaustive, but we have found that these ones are common points of contention among many players. Whether you call it ping pong, table tennis, or whiff whaff, these official table tennis rules should help you keep things straight.