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BNXA USA MTL Inc. (NMLS ID: 2347615)1 East Liberty StreetSuite 600, Office 16Reno NV 89501United States of America Yes, cryptocurrencies are a medium of exchange, which can be used to make payments for online purchases. There are hundreds of online shops and retailers that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, there is a catch. Both the buyer and seller should agree to accept the particular cryptocurrency for the deal. There are learn cryptocurrency various search engines to find the goods and services that can be purchased using cryptocurrencies. 2016 was also the first appearance in the top 10 of Monero. Privacy coins like XMR and ZCash (ZEC) have fallen out of favour somewhat today. Once a staunch top-10’er, Monero now sits in 23rd place and Zcash outside the top 50 crypto projects by market cap. Since 2018 the US Secret Service has been asking for help to prevent the illicit use of privacy coins specifically designed to hide the source of transactions.